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작성자 하늘
작성일 2016-06-23 (목) 21:32
분 류 자동차
첨부#1 Changing_old_Buick_Regal_audio_into_a_new_car_stereo.pdf (1,552KB) (Down:1)
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Change Car Stereo

Changing old Buick Regal audio into a new car stereo.


My 15 years old car, 2000 Buick Regal, had an old fashioned audio system. It had cassettes player that nobody uses it at present. Few days ago, I had planned to fix fob. To do that, I opened dashboard cover. After having fixed fob, I challenged to change old audio system. It was proper time to do it because the dashboard cover had already opened.

But there was two big issues: wiring and resizing. I disassembled the old stereo to understand its structure. The system connector had 16 pin holes. Some holes had colored wires and others not.

The connector had marks for each hole with letter “E1” and “F1.” I found a diagram about the connector through internet. Comparing with the diagram, I could figure out where each wire goes to. Four speakers of my Buick needed eight wires. The wire which is named “Battery Positive Voltage” on Buick was same name with new audio. Most wires had same or similar names with new audio system. Only one wire made me confuse, which was “ignition 12V+” of my new audio. I connected the wire with “F2” of Buick, which is named “Accessory Voltage.” Having connected all wires, I tested. It worked.


Next issue was resizing. Old audio was larger than new one. To insert new one into it , I cut the big case of the old audio. By arc welding I welded the old case and new case for new audio. Both were perfectly attached.


Final job was filling the emptied space. I used a piece of plywood. I cut it and made two holes to put screws in. When I attached it, my new audio system was almost perfect.


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